Kate Delmar-Morgan

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of optimum health and peak performance. Nutritional therapy takes an individually tailored approach to restoring effective digestion and correcting nutritional imbalances which may be causing or contributing to symptoms of poor health.

Your need for nutrients is highly individual. Nutrients, from food, are vital to health because they are the driving force behind every process in the body. However, factors such as your inherited strengths and weakness, your state of health, lifestyle, and environment and, of course, your dietary history all influence your need.

Inadequate nutrients may cause minor symptoms initially, but in the longer term they can be a significant factor in the development of chronic or degenerative disease. So whether you are just lacking energy or trying to manage a long term condition such as heart disease or diabetes, nutritional therapy may help.

Kate is a fully insured integrated health professional who will work collaboratively with your GP and existing healthcare team as necessary.

The initial consultation will take about 90 minutes during which Kate will take a detailed history and may recommend a variety of biochemical and other types of clinical assessment to establish your nutritional status and functional capacity.

Kate will work with you to set realistic goals which can change old habits, restore your body's natural healing potential and empower you to take control of your health. She is able to offer non-invasive screening for nutritional deficiencies together with food and environmental allergy testing using the most up to date bio-dermal clinical screening technology.