"I approached reCentre following a recommendation by my sports therapist. With around 5 weeks to go until my first London marathon I had started experiencing strong pain in one knee. At its worst, the pain caused me to limp and made it uncomfortable to walk downstairs. The recentre were incredibly helpful from the moment I contacted them, making me an appointment to see Sally at very short notice and being friendly and helpful. Sally was excellent - her assessment of the cause of the injury considered all aspects of my lifestyle and training. Sally's treatment was equally holistic involving massage, exercises, orthotics but also some positive thinking techniques. After 3 appointments I was able to run the marathon without any discomfort in my knee whatsoever and instead enjoyed every minute of the experience."


" I am a jogger but have suffered from a tight hamstring and pain in my left thigh for a while. A sports massage at the health reCentre was recommended to me.

My sports massage was fantastic. In addition to the intensive massaging, stretching and movement during the 60 minute massage, Vissen also took a detailed history from me and gave me excellent advice on how to stay fit and avoid further injuries.

I have been performing the warm up and warm down exercises I was shown since the massage and my problems appear to have gone away.

I am aware reCentre (formerly Muirhead Roberts) has been serving our local community for more than 15 years. I am pleased to be one of the thousands of happy patients."

Sadiq Khan, MP


"I was diagnosed with distasis recti (separation of the tummy muscles) following pregnancy. As this had been my third baby I was a bit too busy to do anything about it until 2 years after the event.I had tried the Tuppler Technique at home but to no avail."

"After a few visits to see Lisa and a few minutes of exercising at home each day (not normally my strong point) the gap between my tummy muscles has almost disappeared. It was far easier than I had thought and I only regret not having done this earlier."

"Lisa was wonderful and very knowledgeable. I would whole-heartedly recommend her!"


"I was unfortunate enough to pick up a few injuries 3 weeks before my first marathon. From the moment I contacted the reCentre, I felt completely welcome and reassured. The staff were courteous and polite. My physiotherapist, Angela, was extremely professional and thorough. Together, we created a comprehensive plan. I'm pleased to say I completed the London Marathon successfully. I would like to extend my gratitude to all the staff at the reCentre in Balham, and in particular, my physiotherapist Angela. I could not have done it without them. - Mihir"


I was recently recommended to have physiotherapy sessions following a fall and subsequent damage to my elbow and wrist. Initially they were both thought to be broken but then only badly inflamed/swollen.

From the moment I walked into the clinic it rung of professionalism and this view was greatly increased by my treatments with Catherine. The first session was mainly talking and she gleaned so much knowledge not just about the accident but about my lifestyle/health/fitness. I thought we would have no time that day for treatment but just 10 minutes of treatment was absolutely mindblowing in terms of improvement. I no longer felt like an invalid.

From that session and the following ones Catherine has bought me back to how I was before the accident and I cannot recommend her treatments/exercise suggestions and professional attitude too highly.

Your health is your most valuable commodity. With Catherine and the Centre I can honestly say it could not be in better hands.


"I always feel really energised after your classes...and about a foot taller!"


"I'm a 64 year old male who has done a fair bit of long - distance walking over the years and suffers from periodic knee pain. I signed up to do an organised trek with friends to the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal in March of this year but in the run-up was getting quite severe pain whilst training. Although the trek distances were not great (60 miles in 10 days), the ascents and descents were (40,000 feet in total), and I was beginning to get worried that my knees wouldn't hold up under the strain.

I had an appointment with Sally 6 weeks before I was due to leave for Katmandu and she sorted me out with a session of treatment, advice on exercises and special insoles for my walking boots. It worked - my knees held up well and, feeling fit throughout, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, apart that is from the blizzard which blew up unexpectedly whilst we were at Annapurna base camp at 14,000 feet!"


"I started doing Yoga at the ReCentre in January 2011 and have always found the staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. Through Yoga I have started to learn how to relax and the classes are having a noticeable effect on my back problems. Clare is an excellent teacher who not only makes you feel at ease learning yoga but also takes a genuine interest in her students and ensures that each person's individual needs are catered for in class"


"I had had IVF treatments, had fallen pregnant, but had failed. Richard Jackson always maintained I would get pregnant, at a time when others had written me off. I decided not to go for a fourth IVF treatment to see what would happen. I fell pregnant naturally."

Nutrition Therapy

"The nutrition therapist has been an immense source of information, advice and guidance in helping our young baby cope with the discomfort of eczema, to the benefit not only of him but also the entire family."


"Vissen can perform miracles! He has an amazing knowledge of the physiology of the body which makes him able to find the knots and solve the aches."


"We owe so much to Clare Chaudhury for the safe arrival of our baby. Your herbal and hypnotherapy help, delivered with your wonderful perspective and insight, was invaluable."